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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Two Days Later results

Was it me or did the old town of Margate have an eerie air of suspense and dread hanging over it on the evening of the 27th? It was as if Dr Frankenstein himself was entering the Bulls head and wasn’t that Count Dracula flapping into the Wig and Pen? Good job the witch finder general or ‘Barnacles Nigel’ as most folk know him was on hand to keep evil sprits at bay. So what could be more fitting than a celebration of all things ghoulish than the finals of the 2 Days Later horror film makers challenge. As I rounded the howling corner opposite the Community Pharmacy Gallery in Margate, for tonight’s tribute to all things George A Romero it was immediately obvious that this was the place to be. A gaggle of rummy young coves were outside eagerly discussing the B movie Matinee films which had been playing in the afternoon, as well they might as such was the popularity of this event that over three hours of films had been submitted. But I was here for the main event, the ever popular audience vote. A wonderful opportunity to watch the very best of the competition entries and cast your vote for a winner, like the X-factor but you get to be Sharon Osborne.

Now in its forth successive year it would be easy to dismiss the 2 Days Later competition event as ‘local’ however nothing could be further from the truth, with entries from as far a field as Newcastle, Portsmouth and Brighton. The prizes on offer covered everything you would expect from a film festival including best screen play, acting and sound design. The prizes themselves reflected the serious intent and ambition of all involved, these included a private screening of your film at a Soho preview theatre, entry to the prestigious ‘Raindance’ filmmaking seminars and a whole host of other goodies.
The marketing for this event was a spot on mix of knowing B movie references and cutting edge graphic design, so much so that the giant ‘film style’ posters advertising the event in the window of the community pharmacy gallery have been snapped up by passersby weeks before the event. A nice touch was the use of the front of the gallery as a comfy viewing zone with the addition of not one but two extra televisions due to the overspill from the main projection area.
In the world of short film festivals we can count ourselves very fortunate to have those Beeping Bush fellows on hand to put something like this together In Jolly old Margate. And you have to doff your cap admiringly to anyone who is able to host the evening while his husky dog, or should that be Cujo? takes a nap under the main screen. A stunning event enjoyed by many so make a date to join me for another spook-tacular evening in twelve months time.

Review courtesy of The 35mil-boy

2DL 2006 Competition Winners
Best Film
"I am a snuff video maker" Alan Meades of Broadstairs

Best Popular Film
"I am a snuff video maker" Alan Meades of Broadstairs

Most Popular Film "B" Movie
"Macabre" Russel Gomm of Herne Bay

Best Student Film
"9th Flaw" Fran Shine of Margate

Best Screenplay
"Chain Mail" Michael Jenkinson of Canterbury

Best Cinematography
"Crop" Jerome & Isobel Dutton of Nonington

Best Sound
"Sister" Michael Stokes of St. Peters

Best Editor
"Crop" Jerome & Isobel Dutton of Nonington

Best Special Effects
"Sister" Michael Stokes of St. Peters


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