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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A cut above the rest

The scissor-welding wizard above is James making the "Slug" look incredibly smart with seemingly little effort but tons of style. James has opened Harbour Barbers in Market Street a swish looking bastion of Gents styling, and judging by the cut he delivered a fine Barber to boot. He's also pleasantly chatty and without ever resorting to mentioning the footy.
Originally local he's spent the past couple of years touring around the country in a narrowboat which is fascinating to hear about despite him not being too sure who Fred Dibner is. Apparently life on a narrowboat leaves little time for television.
I'm off for a much needed trim this week and I advise you do the same should you need it, it's a welcome addition to the old town and the best of luck to him in this new venture.


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