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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Revolution Saved

Good news indeed for a unique facilty in Kent namely Revolution Skatepark, as they and their landlords Thanet Community Development Trust have managed to come to an agreement over the park's future. Regular reader may recall that TCDT originally intended to impose a whopping increase in rent, exceeding 200%, on the park and weren't interested in negotiating it. Meanwhile Dan Chapman, the man behind the park, was verging on stripping out the park and moving on.

With trenches dug deep it seemed just a matter of time before it would close, but thankfully one brave soul stepped into the no-man's land in between, in the shape of councillor Christopher Wells. Refreshingly neutral but also brightly aware of the value of the facility, he worked incredibly hard to overcome numerous hurdles starting with getting two furious sides to start talking again, many in between, but finally to deliver a solution agreeable to both sides.

The final agreement does sound as if it may have originated from the court of King Solomon, both parties had a surveyor in to estimate a rent in line with the current market, and then they split the difference and that is the new rent.

It's self evident to most residents that many councillors don't seem too involved with righting the wrongs we see from day to day, so how brightly brilliant to have Chris Wells show us all just how it should be done, turning disaster into a victory we might all enjoy. Well done him.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well thank goodness common sense prevailed!the youngsters have precious little in the way of facilities for them so this is fantastic news.well done chris wells and all the people that fought for this.

2:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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11:28 AM  

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