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Friday, November 17, 2006

Exodus Exits

Photo: Thierry Bal

They've finished shooting, packed their bags and have trundled off into the sunset, so goodbye to the Artangel team responsible for "Margate Exodus". Next they're off to an editing suite in deepest Soho to put the whole thing together. In the rather cute but unnecessary way that creative folk have they're still a little panicky about getting it to all fit into place, but there's few around here who doubt them.

Artangel co-director Michael Morris dropped me a sweet farewell email and asked me to pass on two things to you all. Firstly he'd like to thank us for having them and secondly more thanks for our support and enthusiasm for what they've endeavoured to do.

In addition he says he misses Margate already, and if you had anything to do with him you, like me, will know he means it. Margate misses them too, given that finally here was a project which was determined to include locals. How rich for A.A Gill to have dared to suggest they parachuted their project in here with no care for the town or it's locals, he obviously got it confused with the Turner debacle but wasn't paying enough attention to notice his mistake.

They'll be back of course, the film is be shown in three venues, namely Margate, London & New York. Good to see us ranked up there where we belong. The shows won't be until late summer next year, with the Channel Four screening some months later. A dreadfully long wait for all of us eager to see it, but there's a little something on the way to quench our cultural thirst. Channel 4 will be screening a documentary about the building and burning of Gormley's "Wasteman" at 8pm on the 2nd of December.


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