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Friday, November 17, 2006

Acol Hits the Spot

They're the friendliest art group around and never fail to stimulate so what a joy to be invited to the private opening of Acol Art Group's "November Show" this evening. The consistency of this group's work never fails to engage, the walls are jam packed with pictures and the prices are simply bargains. There's also the occasional surprise, this year it was Charles Smart who entered a picture of Elvis, very different from his usual and very strong landscapes but a delight none the less.

The atmosphere in the tiny village hall is welcoming verging on the chumly and reflects a way of life, the village way of life, which many villages lost long ago. This might explain why the group is so popular, there's no hint of artistic elitism, any attempt at "artspeak" would most likely be met with an outbreak of giggles, and most surprisingly there's no wordy justification for their existence. They just are, and they just do what they do, and they do it well.

They also know how to put on a good spread. I'm frequently whinging about the distinct lack of tea at art shows, for me there's little more civilised and sophisticated than a collection of good art which can be enjoyed with a cuppa in hand. The AAG not only manage to deliver a great brew, but the cup comes with a saucer too. Just when one might assume it couldn't get any better lo and behold it does in the form of some home baking, a cheesy scone with a magical savoury filling.

Although one of the best shows around it suffers from a short run, it's only open this weekend (18th & 19th November) so get thee there.


Anonymous MIKE said...

Many thanks to all who came and supported the AAG Exhibition.
We feel it was our best ever so far. If you didn't come along. Sorry - you missed it! The next one's in May so watch this space.

10:41 PM  
Blogger Little Weed said...

Beause of your post I did go to the exhibition and was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the work

10:49 PM  

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