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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Stop your messin' around

Neville Staples played the Sugar Lounge in Margate on Friday and tore the roof off in front of a club packed with overjoyed punters. After a few good hours of drinking, listening to a classic ska sound system and er, more drinking Neville finally bounced onto the stage. The temperature soared by twenty degrees as the stomping began to fondly remembered Special's tunes. The jubilant crowd had to be calmed by the end of the first number as Neville was in danger of being pulled from the stage and paraded on shoulders through the town.
Most of the crowd last saw Staples as part of the Specials when they played the Winter Gardens, their enthusiasm not dampened by the twenty-six years in between. His supporting band all looked younger than the time passed but boy did they know what they where doing. Staples actually looked younger than then and took no time to strip off his shirt to reveal a muscular torso, handy because he needed strong lungs to make himself heard above the crowd, all of whom sang along to every tune, even the occassional Fun Boy Three ones.
Having exhausted the songbook and the fans Neville left with the walls dripping with sweat and not a dry armpit in the house.

One of the interesting side effects of the evening was the bumping into chums from twenty years ago, probably all last seen in the days of Lords. Most were typically local skinheads of the old school, i.e; non-racist ska-loving Ben-Sherman wearing working class folk.

Depite commonly and wrongly being tarred as thugs the atmosphere was friendly, everyone called everyone else "mate", crowds parted for people to walk through, people smiled at each other as they had fun and there wasn't a hint of trouble.

Even the odd long haired hippy was welcomed so long as they left their kaftan at home.

Here's the man responsible for a night of two-tone joy, the ever wonderful Eli. Big Thanks Eli!


Anonymous Iain said...

Shane Meadows has a new film about skins coming out, which I should hopefully catch in the London Film Festival next month.

2:54 PM  

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