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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Is this man a criminal?

This is John X, he's been described as a vandal by the Gazette in one of those dramatic stories packed with scary terms like "gangs", "turf wars" and "vandalism". The reality behind his activities are more mundane and interesting, but that probably wouldn't terrify OAPs into never leaving their homes and it wouldn't sell as many papers.
Long suffering traders down at Arlington Arcade were getting fed up with how scruffy the area had become and how unwilling the property management firm were in making any repairs. So when one of them approached the firm and offered to have the entire area decorated free of charge they jumped at the offer.

So partly in the manner of devil's advocate, and partly appealing to the local youngsters sense of style he comissioned John X to decorate the entire arcade in graffiti style. Suddenly there was an upcry from the otherwise silent when the place looked a mess. This was followed by wild claims in the local rags linking this legal activity with acts of arson and other vandalism.
It might be that John X makes an easy target, he's a local artist commissioned to create some community art and couldn't afford to defence himself against libels. Meanwhile down at the harbour end of the front the £10 million quid arts fiasco continues and it's a safe bet that no wild accusation of fraud, or similar, will even be hinted at.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this sort of graffiti. Give us more.

4:07 PM  
Anonymous Adrian said...

Great work! how about the side of Dreamland

5:39 PM  

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