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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Eli Knows Don't Argue

Great news for the culture vultures amongst us. No it's not another over-priced and under stimulating contemporary art event - it's actually a revival of great art driven by Eli from the Qubar/Sugar Lounge. After playing out massive cuts of ska at carnival weekend and getting a hugely positive response from us locals he decided to put on a ska revival night. Of course originating from Coventry means he's not just playing a pile of Trojan tracks, rather he's gone and got Neville Staples (aka Neville from the Specials) to come and play down here. As many might recall this'll be the first time he's played down here since 1980 to a packed out stomping crowd at Margate Winter Gardens.
Now if you know the venue you'll realise just how intimate it is, and if you remember the Specials you'll know just how much loved they remain to this day, so what an outstanding gig it promises to be.
Just when you thought it couldn't get any better there's more, future gigs will feature both the Beat and the Selector. Tickets are limited to around 250, so don't think you might just turn up on the night and wander in.
The gig is on Friday 22nd September, tickets are £12 and can be ordered by phoning 01843 571684. If you want to make an even better night out of it turn up really early and get some of their Jamaican food served up.


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