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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Carnival Spirit

This weekend enjoys a combination of both Margate Carnival weekend and the Mayor's Festival and sunny weather. There's still another day of fun to come so if you're reading this Saturday night you might want to get down here for tomorrow. The Parade is packed with tables, music and rides for the sprogs.

There's a nifty flight simulator over by the still closed Droit House.

A continental market, well French, stretches along the harbour although with a loaf of bread costing three quid it's not as busy as it could be.

There's some massive inflatables in Marine Gardens.

The beach is pretty busy with around eight sound systems playing out to an eager audience.

A steel band drumming away by the Clock Tower.

A never ending supply of beer.

Watch out for the cars using the pavement as a road though. I'd like to see locals try to get away with this.

Promenade and slipways have become free parking. Another move locals wouldn't get away with.

Not forgetting the tons of litter strewn around.


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