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Friday, July 28, 2006

Slacks Off - Our Trace On

Wandered down to a test screening of "Donovan Slacks" at the Community Pharmacy Gallery but despite turning up early couldn't convince the director to pose for a quick photograph, and his suggestion that I sit around for a couple of hours for the chance of a possibility of maybe getting to use my camera wasn't exciting enough to consider seriously.
Rather than leave empty-handed I took a snap of the sculpture of Tracey Emin which has become resident there. Not as good as the real thing of course, very little is, but an interesting reminder of how happy she has been to talk to humble me , or any other local for that matter, while a new director is far too busy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quote from the KM newspaper this week from the director...
"The growing filmmaking presence in Thanet over recent years is a great sign but i have always been disappointed in the stories that play out hear- either end-of-the pier stuff or end of the earth" ... mmm

11:33 AM  

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