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Friday, July 14, 2006

Ramsgate in Portrait

The painter Lydia Bevan finishes her five month residency at Gallery IOTA with her delightful show "A Portrait of Ramsgate" which opened tonight. It's interesting partly because it's always thrilling to see a contemporary artist who dares to paint but also because Bevan appears to have captured the feel of Ramsgate down to a tee.

There's a deliberately drab flatness to everything which reflects the mundane feel of the town, backgrounds without enough enthusiasm for texture, individuals rendered in simple and few brush strokes, with only a few detailed points such as the irrepressible beauty of a seagull or waves. It's not a negative view, more the out of season winter blues which we, the locals, know so well.

Of course Gallery IOTA doesn't ever limit itself when it puts on a show, alongside this are pieces of photography, video and prose from "TRUTH[and]FICTION", a collaborative project between Lydia Bevan and Emma Leach which launched the Residency in March. There's also a series of artist's talks and performance to accompany the exhibition, details below.

· Saturday 22 July - Creative drawing, printing and stencil workshop from 11.00. All ages welcome and lunch is provided. Just bring along interesting photographs and objects, and plenty of enthusiasm!
· Sunday 23 July - 'Who is Brian Bushell?' A new performance by artist Emma Leach that builds on ideas explored throughout TRUTH[and]FICTION. It will be showing throughout the afternoon at 12.00, 14.00 and 16.00.
· Saturday 29th July - Open mic night with a B-B-Q and music from live DJ's, compered by Claire Haslam [UCCA Student Union President]. Everyone welcome, to listen or participate. Starts from 19.00. Bring your own beverages.
· Sunday 30 July - 'Lydia Bevan and Emma Leach in conversation', an open discussion about the work made during their Artists' Residency. Starts at 14.00

"A Portrait of Ramsgate" by Lydia Bevan at gallery IOTA runs until 30th July. For more information, call the gallery on 01843 853117 or click on IOTA link on the left hand side of this web page.


Blogger Eastcliff Richard said...

Ramsgate 'drab' and 'mundane'? How about Margate, 'no Turner Centre'? Phaa.

11:42 AM  

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