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Saturday, July 15, 2006


Yes it's everyone's favourite Media Centre, which is in Margate but isn't a Media Centre, it's Margate Media Centre. Regular readers might remember this building being featured back in April, shortly after the scaffolding went up to repair the roof. The odd part being how this building had just been completely refurbished for £150k.
At roughly the same time across the road the scaffolding went up on a near derelict building and therein is the threefold surprise. Firstly the other building is almost completely finished, an interesting mix of restoration and modern expansion in a delicate shade of mint green. Secondly there's no change at the Media Centre, thirdly and less surprisingly the return phone call from the regeneration department in response to my enquiry about the addition cost of the roof repairs still hasn't happened. They must be dreadfully busy.


Anonymous jay the geologist said...

i realy like that new mint green building, it realy adds a new sence of energy to the old town, regeneration is pritty slow down that direction, but eventualy i recon it will be cool, if all the art gallerys and new shops dont go bust befor then

11:50 AM  
Blogger Matt the Hat said...

The media centre is simply an annex of the "inovation Centre" which long ago drove all us innovitive types away and runs half empty. I understand they still brag about UVFX even though they left donkeys years ago. The man to talk to is called Tom McGuckin although I found him too shifty for me.

1:30 PM  

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