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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Mention the War

Just looking at a photograph of snow can be a climatic delight at the moment, although the image above could be tainted by it's content. Panic ye not, it's of a display at this week's "War & Peace" show at the Hop Farm down in the darkest recesses of west Kent. Every year this venue is packed with such displays, hundreds of trade stands and thousands of military enthusiasts. The displays are put together by re-enacting groups, also know as men playing soldiers, and generally have a world war two theme, one group even brings their own Tiger tank.
The group behind the snow bound wreck won many admirers although the group's organiser came in for a fair amount of flak from his partners in re-enactment. An eye for detail and period consistancy is de rigeur amongst them - so those setting up this frosty display were all turned out in Wehrmacht winter kit, perfect for invading the Russian Steppes but a challenge when working in a field in Kent on the hottest days of the year.

Everything about the show is as entertaining, with a massive effort put in by just about everyone bar the organisers. At forty-five quid for a family ticket it verges on the pricey, especially when that doesn't include any form of map. You can buy a map for four more quid, but who'd want to feed the money-grubbing motive behind that? It's a shame because it mars an otherwise exciting and historically educational event.


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They taste of battered Werthers Original.

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I think you might have misplaced this comment.

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