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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Men at Work

When is a road not closed? When it's Margate High Street of course. There's been a mite of confusion for folk driving up the High Street to be greeted by a "road ahead closed" sign. Despite the best efforts of many the High Street is not closed, the sign actually refers to a brief closure of New Street as part of the annual festival of closing vital streets during the busiest part of the year for non-vital work.
Thankfully New Street was only closed for the best part of a day, but the sign remains - probably as a message from the Gods of things to come.


Blogger Snailspace said...

They don't seem to bother with signs in Canterbury.
The truck stops, out leap two chaps, they place cones across the road and go about their buiseness.
This happend in Palace Street recently.
Being on a motor cycle this was quite simple to avoid but those in cars and vans following me were not so lucky

7:31 PM  

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