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Monday, July 10, 2006

Kill Bill... posters

With so many folk trying so hard to make Margate High Street a viable and friendly place it's disheartening to see people deliberately try to make it look like a ghetto. Step forward the Canterbury Marxists who decided to fly-post the windows of every empty shop with a collection of posters for their rather dull events.
One such event was at Canterbury Environment Centre, whose sole interests seem to be the immediate environment of their posher neck of the woods, and not responding to messages left on their phone asking just why they're happy to flypost in Margate.
In the true style of the trendyista there was no such poster campaign in Canterbury, no doubt they didn't want to upset their parents perambulations between Fenwicks and Debenhams and risk a cut to their allowances.
Sadly some locals followed this pathetic trend, first Adams the childswear chain decided to promote their sale in this low class manner but being new to it their combination of blu-tac and sellotape meant many were blown away. Most surprising was the later addition of an event at Quex House, not really their style at all.
These empty shops are private property so no chance of the council removing them, they'll remain all summer giving visitors the worst possible view of the town and leaving a bad impression greater than the sum of paper and paste.


Anonymous Jay the geologist said...

dont you think the high-street would look better if street artists decended on all the shop windows and turned the whole street in to a work of art, darn sight better than canturbury marxist posters.

On the same note, there is a very cool stencil graffiti artist in thanet at the momment, who eva it is has brightened up my environment with his vandalism....

12:27 PM  
Blogger Artyblartfast said...

Good idea, I tend to agree about stencils- it shows creativity.

4:49 PM  
Anonymous worm said...

If the shops weren't empty, it wouldn't happen.

11:09 PM  

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