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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Fun in the Sun

This year's Painting Challenge was blessed by a divine mix of talent and sunshine, the latter had an effect on the former but expectedly so. At times it was so hot as to dry the paint on brushes between palette and canvas. Quex House was it's usual impeccable self but the gardens were even more stunning than last year.
Equally as stunning was the broad spectrum of talent beavering away at a great selection of paintings. As one of the judges this didn't make it any easier this year than last, it almost sent me into socialistic spasms wanting to give a prize to everyone because each painting screamed worthy effort and stylish vigour.

The heat was so fierce some finished their paintings and dashed off for shade and sustenance.

While many sought shade under the wide selection of trees.

Others sowed themselves around the walled garden.

A couple of artists decided to sit around the front.

While one went so far as to go so far - out into a field.

All enjoyed the exquisite serenading in a baroque style from Thanet Concert Clarinets.

At the end of a long hot day it was smiles all round for this merry band of artists.

The winners today were -
Peter Day - Best Watercolour
Brian Ward - Best Oil
Tony Giles - Best Acylic
Tina Rowland - Best Mixed Media
Peter Day - Overall Winner & Best Painting
Brian Ward - Runner Up

A great day organised by the dedicated Mike Samson of Acol Art Group, full marks to him, the competitors and those nice folk at Quex for giving everyone the run of their grounds.


Blogger parnellpr said...

Nice house. Looks like a candidate for most haunted, but then so do most stately homes in the UK these days. I'm with you on the judging, which is why i could never be a judge on anything. Pippa

12:33 AM  

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