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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Cubism Comes to Town

An odd set of erections decorate Margate old town this year, basically box frames with either something from a pound shop or a laminated A4 poster from bygone days in the centre of them. These are probably meant to reflect Margate old and new, the seaside heritage mixed with the cutting edge of Arts.

Sadly they're a trifle disappointing looking like a hurried combination of cheap materials but revealing in showing the local authorities desire to claim the cultural high ground without culture nor hill. The singular effect it has on folk passing is one of mild amusement.

This weekend some public participation took place and many of the goodies in the cubes were taken, maybe the budget will stretch to replacing them.


Blogger Snailspace said...

Maybe they would look more in keeping if they were spherical or ovoid.
They don't sit well on the scroll type of bracket.
Mind you, that’s the whole point of Art. To provoke comment. Be it positive or negative depends entirely on the viewer.

10:57 PM  

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