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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Big Sky Success

The Big Sky Jazz Festival is going down a storm with locals and visitors alike. The parade is packed with the hep, the happening and the mildly inebriated as band after band take the stage to bless ears with their cool tunes.
To compliment the wide selection of jazz acts there's a wide selection of food and beverage available with waiter service at the tables set up across the Parade in full view of the stage, as well as all the usual cafes and bars.
If you're feeling left out, don't panic. There's another full day of events tomorrow, gigs all through the week and yet another day of free jazz next Saturday. For further details click here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Absolutly fabulous!!we had a fantastic weekend great music food and atmosphere -wish we could have more events on the piatza...and the banners flying on the railings added to the great feeling wish they could stay made us feel like a proper seaside town brilliant

1:56 PM  
Anonymous Adrian said...

It was bigger and better than last year with Christine Tobin Band and John Etheridge the main highlights.
Also Bob McCoy's son Duncan in the Thanet bigband was a revelation.
Dave Mossman is definately a mover and shaker, which is more than you can say for a lot of people around here.
I noticed that Paigle properties (SeaBathing development) contributed some funds. Another bunch who don't muck about.
Bob McCoy's own Wantsum Jazz in Ramsgate is Bank Holiday. Groom that 'goatie'

7:54 PM  

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