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Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Bells, the Bells

Enlightening to bump into the campaigners for a Ramsgate Parish Council who although having been successful in getting over ten per cent of the electorate to sign their worthy petition continue to gather both signatures and support.
Additionally endearing was their town cryer who very kindly gave the slug a lesson in bell ringing, town crying and the correct way to wear a tricorn. Important lessons for a growing lad I'm sure you'll agree. Despite a worthy effort he wasn't a touch on the real thing of course.
Brilliant to see a local political campaign do so well, and be so enthusiastic in going about it, almost enough to make me want to move over to the millionaire's playground which Ramsgate has become.


Blogger tony flaig said...

That ramsgate lot will sign anything you put in front of them. Parish councils seem like another tier of local government, we could do without, this also includes town Mayors, often made up of those councilors sidelined from the mainstream, or as a retirement prize, so that they can ponce around like a pseudo royalty inviting each other to their respective towns in a pointless circle of incestuous events. Give me a democratic republic of Thanet, free from patronage and bull.

10:08 PM  

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