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Friday, June 09, 2006

Thai to Die for

It began with a whisper fuelled by the refitting of a bijou premises in Prices Avenue opposite the side of Thorton Bobby's in Cliftonville. As the cut vinyl signs bearing the word "Bangkok" went up it grew to a murmur, and when it finally opened it led to cheers of joys.
Yes, it's true, the much loved Malcolm and Mai are back with the latest instalment of the Bangkok legend. Originally in the old town Margate and briefly in Effingham Street, Ramsgate this merry couple built an incredible reputation based on three things they do incredibly well. Firstly their food, secondly their hospitality and thirdly, well it's their food again.
It's difficult to honestly claim which is most gladly welcomed back, because as the first mouthful of their light but scrumptious grub touches your tongue it's like meeting dear old chums again. There's such a lightness of touch to each and every morsel it's easy to believe a belly full might have you blown away on the wind.
Having just twenty covers the restaurant guarantees the usual care and intimacy which they like you to enjoy, but also hints at some difficulty in getting a table. To help prevent me being turned away I'll not share their telephone number.


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