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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Joined Up Finking

Thanet District Council is about to announce it's stunning plans to convert the old Marks and Spencers building in Margate into a mix of indoor market, office space and workshops. Here public funds will be used to offer cheap rents to folk to allow them to compete with the traders who stayed loyal to the town, with money from those very same trader's rates.
The indoor market is likely to feature stalls selling goods already available in the town, but with a competitive edge which isn't offered to any of those already here.
The oddest part of all is taking a large building and converting it into multiple mini-premises while the eleven year wait for the Turner Gallery, a large building, shows no sign of a single brick being mortared to another. It does lead to the question; Why would the Turner Centre be a success built on empty land by the harbour, but not here?


Anonymous Adrian said...

It's not 'on' to convert an old building into the Turner. So the quote for the next scheme is £12m, but we all know otherwise.
In the new Turner Contempt-orary sweepstakes put me down for £39m

7:39 PM  
Anonymous Iain Aitch said...

My cynical old head says that the M&S building may indeed be Turner plan B in case all goes tits up on the Rendezvous plan after a survey etc.

Just what crazed part of regeneration an indoor market is is anyone's guess. Unless they are claiming it was the Ramsgate indoor market that turned that town into the millionaire's playground that it is today. I cannot see any way that (despite all the other reservations) that an indoor market can show a return on that kind of investment in financial or social/business terms.

2:24 PM  
Anonymous Adrian said...

I hope they're selling LoonPants!

11:34 PM  
Anonymous Matt said...

A big hall full of people selling factory seconds is a great deal better than an empty shop.

10:13 AM  

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