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Monday, June 26, 2006

In England - now!

There's a gentle joy to spotting so many flags of England around at the moment, enough to wonder why we don't fly them so high for all the days when there's no World Cup. Despite the fashionable urge for many to decry it's use it doesn't wash with most. Especially when no such negative conjecture is dared with the flags of Scotland and Wales.

Will any of our artists accurately reflect this healthy obsession? Hopefully so, because it's an interesting evolution and cheap to emulate by a quick visit to a pound shop. In the hope of sowing a small seed here's my effort in the style of Robert Browning;

That the lowest cars and the lorry windscreen labelled Keith,
Round the broomstick pole flys this humble leaf,
While the seagull picks black bin bag split,
In England - innit!


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