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Friday, June 09, 2006

Bishop's Finger

Welcoming visitors to Ramsgate is the sign above, imagine the joy inherent in a car packed with visitors at being offered such cultural variety. Similarly imagine their pleasure at finding , or rather not finding three of the four venues offered. The Motor Museum closed about a year ago, the Model Village three or four years ago, and the Museum in the library is a scaffolded mess following the arson attack.
The neglect which drives such wrongful signage is sad enough, but what's worse is the lack of imagination exhibited in doing so. Why not really go to town with it? Picture how much better it would be to include "Millionaires' Playground", "Luxury Swimming Pool" and "World's tallest Building".
Has the Turner postponement has generated a new slogan for around here? "Don't bother building it and they will come."


Blogger Snailspace said...

Must be a sign of the times.

11:36 PM  
Blogger The Angina Monologues said...

What's even more telling is that the developers are much more up to date with their signage - see the yellow signs in the background?

10:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You give the maritime museum a clean bill of health. Have you seen the state of the Servia tug and the two wrecks in the Smeaton Dock recently? The're a total embarrassment.

11:17 PM  
Blogger Artyblartfast said...

yes I spotted them, usual legoland developments as I see it.

No I'm simply pointing out that out of the four listed places that's the only one actually there.

11:40 PM  

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