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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Vague Plague

Being articulate in form or colour typically means a near autistic muteness for many of our dear artist chums. It's also true of a number of musicians and sports folk, but when a soul is blessed in one field it's unfair to generally expect more. Hence we don't expect prose from Wayne Rooney, we're content with balleric moves and deadly accuracy in driving a ball into the back of a net.
Unfortunately for artists involved in local community art projects the muteness extends beyond content with a negative impact on one of the most important factors of art - the audience.
The Plagues Project from Creative Partnerships is an unfortunate example of this. They've run several of the eighteen shows already but there's no visible advertising, no invitations to openings. There are several full colour postcards available, once you can get into one of the shows. Those shows are all open within work and school hours and each runs for just twenty hours in total, and as a result are poorly attended.
A cynic might conclude this was a deliberate vagueness to remove that most unpredictable asset of any art show, the viewers. Value for money doesn't come into the picture when those funding don't get a chance to see the result.
Sadly the biggest losers are the students of the twenty schools involved, it's grand for them to be offered such an opportunity, but just as important is to give them an audience.

Details of the Plagues Project are available from the Outfitters Gallery on 01843 220204.


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