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Friday, May 05, 2006

Purple is the Colour, Painting is the game.

Repeating oneself is a great danger with blogging and it's not helped by yet another example of great local artists, a unique venue and absolutely no funding from arts organisations. This time it's a wonderful bunch of interesting paintings by the artist known as Purple, and a stunning pile of fascinating sculpture by Barbara Jordan. The venue is the Ramsgate Brewhouse Belgium Bar opposite the obelisk on Ramsgate Harbour.
The example above is "Andy" a portrait of Andy who aside from being Thanet beard champion 2004-2006 is the owner of the venue, while below you can see the sizeable sculpture called "Tree Newspaper Tree". They're two fine examples of the small but delightfully powerful show of eighteen pieces currently running there.
Rather than bore you with the usual gushings expected of self-appointed critics I strongly advise you to go and have a butchers yourself and make your own mind up.


Anonymous Thanet Art Fart said...

Fantastic , truly refreshing to see a superb contemporary painting and sculpture exhibition thats easy to understand. The tongue in cheek jibe at chavs guareentees this pair will go far! Purples (Susan Wimbush)current work far surpasses her previous exhibitions combined with the exciting work of Barbara Jordan whilst drinking a pint of superb ale is an experience certainly worth the effort

6:52 PM  

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