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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Only the Music Matters Mate

Receiving an message from Britain's greatest living electric guitarist Mark Hewins would ordinarily be an honour which I'd not stop banging on about. Typically having such a highly regarded and talented soul get in touch brings with it a vain & selfish hope of some small part of that great talent rubbing off. Today however the only element rubbed is that of sad loss.
Maestro Mark has worked with scores of musicians, a veritable who's cool of modern music, along with being a member of Soft Heap, a band descendant of the very special Soft Machine. Sadly the crucial Soft Machine and Soft Heap member Elton Dean passed away on 7th February, leaving a void for friends and collaborators, as well as for those whose ears aren't painted on.
Mark worked with Elton since 1979, and even had him as a house guest in Westbrook just a week before his final collapse. The email he sent some of us lesser mortals points towards a simple online memorial for his dear chum. Here you can enjoy a ten minute mpeg of their track "He Who Dares" which says more than my keystrokes ever could.


Anonymous Adrian said...

Many thanks for the memorial MP3, a beautiful piece and fitting tribute. He was a strong player and improviser, an increasingly rare commodity these days. I would recommend Soft Machine 4 and 5, as he's featured heavily in both.

4:43 PM  

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