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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Just a Minute

The secret behind the previous blog entry "Mail out mess up" has been revealed. The invitations were all prepared locally and then shipped off to Maidstone for processing where some dull arc with a KCC name badge posted them without attaching any postage.
Unfortunately a replacement invite never did turn up, so I wasn't able to make the show entitled "Margate in a Minute" as it started this evening about an hour after having first heard about it and we'd all arranged to go and celebrate a family member's ninety-seventh birthday.
And what a sobbing shame too, I managed to sneak a look and it had everything going for it. Firstly it was as the title suggests all about Margate, secondly it featured very short films thus reducing any chance of one getting too boring, I'll trust you, the reader, to work out how long they might be. Finally they featured the shiny young things on the first year of a BTEC at UCCA*.
As many older art spectators know student shows generally have a reputation for being a trifle dull and as underdeveloped as the students themselves. Thankfully KIAD, or UCCA as they are now called, have found a way to transcend this sorry trend. Just how they've managed this is a mystery but all of their student shows are packed with festering talent and a maturity which hints at having professional artists do their homework for them. "Margate in a Minute" is no exception to this fascinating fad, refreshingly articulate and bright-eyed in delivery.
Onto every field some manure must be spread and having suffered from the mail-out cock-up means not as many folk as expected will get the chance to see, especially as it only runs for one single night. However there is a possibility of these films gaining an additional and longer showing later this year. Good thing too as they're just the morale boosting media the art adorers amongst us could really benefit from.

*University College for the Creative Arts, the new name for an expanded KIAD.


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