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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hurrah for Us

One of the interesting elements of "blogging" is the generally intelligent conversations it can start between not only scribbler and reader but also between bloggers. One can formulate a basic off the cuff comment for another to develop it ending in a merry linguistic ping-pong. There's little revolutionary to this; it's just a more modern evolution of English language, replacing developments borne from older ways of living. Where we used to adopt words like khaki or bungalow gathered from Empire, we now take them from a fairer more level world fueled by electricity and displayed via heated phosphur.
Everyone's favourite Ramsgate millionaire came up with "Gazunder" for one of the local newspapers a nugget of slang so pure that the staff of the Gazette find it hilarious and would be saddened if Eastcliff Richard ever gave up using it.
Micro-nationalism is the best this blog has come up with, which originally appeared in the comments on "Thanet Life". Unfortunately Britain's greatest pilot Biggles has chosen to remove comments from his blog, so my words have sunk.
Hence it's time to explain what I mean by it, it's a form of home town pride where just about anything from here is brilliant to the utter degree. It's also how our problems are more important than those anywhere else, but ultimately it's a great big "Hurrah" for us, the Islanders, and a true love for our Isle.
The most obvious example is "Our Trace", who fortunately is bright anyway but obtains a sun like status in coming from here. She too is a micro-nationalist, evident from every mention she makes of Margate. The scribes Iain Aitch and Jane Wenham-Jones both appear to be members too, just as well as they're Margate's greatest living writer and Broadstair's greatest living writer respectively.
Chas 'n' Dave aren't from here but they gain iconic standing from their tune "Margate" very similar to how Sparks still regularly tour Germany to packed venues, who adore them mainly because of the little known song "German Girl".
You can spot Micro-Nationalists easily, we're the ones who never call home a dump because it simply isn't, cheer everytime Margate is mentioned in passing on Eastenders, and can be found gazing out to sea with a gentle grin plastered across our visage. The most evident of us are rather surprisingly the bloggists, even when it appears we're just whinging about everything. We're not of course we just have a vision of how outstanding everything around here could be, so feel free to join us, and leave lazy cynicism to the mainlanders.


Blogger Nethercourt said...

Well said Sir!!

7:50 AM  
Anonymous Iain said...

Could you please stop making such astute posts, as I fear for my title as MGLW . I had not thought about in these terms before, but you have it spot on.

10:39 AM  
Blogger Artyblartfast said...

Don't fret Iain I'm more than happy being Margate's Best Looking Hack.

3:06 PM  
Blogger tony flaig said...

Well I am not sure I understood this blog, but knowledge and understanding rarely stop me from making a comment or a holding an opinion, so I say well done!

4:40 PM  

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