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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Shore Thing

Encams the environmental campaigners who run the "Keep Britain Tidy" campaign announced their list of recommended rural beaches today. Apart from being given a clean bill of health for the state of their sands, those celebrated also have proper access, clean toilets and good health and safety provision.
The good news is surfers paradise Joss Bay and the delightful Botany Bay made the grade, the bad news is no other Island beach did. A worrying development given the miles of sand we have to the North, East and South, wholly unsurprising given how often the high tide is marked not by seaweed but debris ranging from the expected rubbish from tourists through used disposable nappies to the ugly syringes from the addicted.
Next summer Encams are extending their worthy recommendations to both rural and more urban beaches. Whether our tacky brown sands will fare any better remains to be known but it's unlikely to be worth betting on.


Anonymous Mahoutie said...

After swimming recently in the sea off Margate, I have recently noticed that I seem to be growing a third nipple and have developed an unusual craving for sanitary towels (winged). Is this something I should worry about?

1:06 AM  
Anonymous worm said...


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