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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Ramsgate Drunk Dry

Tales have started to emerge about IOTA's "Under the Influence" becoming a victim of it's own huge success. Eager art lovers drank the event dry by the end of the first day with a few punters being mildly miffed at spending three hours waiting to get hold of their first pint, only to be denied a second.
The only part larger than it's success is the hangover belonging to Berty Oldfield who was last seen serenading seagulls with traditional Russian folk songs while playing his ukelele.


Blogger Lucy Mail said...

Having a raport with some of the 'actual' organizers of this event, I'll bet they're going to be dead chuffed to find out that it was all arranged by IOTA, rather than themselves.
Anyhow, Cheers to Thanet CAMRA and thanks guys, I thoroughly enjoyed the event that you laid on for us!
Cheers IOTA for your marvelously creative account of the event.

Of course, I'm sure this won't be allowed publication on your site so best I pop it in elswhere too!

9:36 AM  

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