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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Murphy's Law

One would be likely to assume the creation of religious icons in traditional styles was an art lost in the fog of time. Similar to most acts of assumption you'd be wrong as local artist Peter Murphy shows so keenly.
Not only has he undertaken important commissions for a number of churches, most notably Tewkesbury Abbey and St Mary Redcliffe in Bristol, but he's adapted his style to include more modern icons like Hendrix, Lennon and Bowie. These work well as art with an added healthy playfulness.
In addition he runs classes to pass on his skills, locally at Flint House in Broadstairs, but also in Florence and Venice, and as usual with frantically work obsessed artists he does plenty more including founding the East Kent Stuckist group.
Murphy has shown locally in Margate Library, Peter Neville's in Canterbury, and the Old Town Gallery and many of you will be familiar with his work. It's always worth looking out for as he's yet another of the band of great local artists.


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