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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Last Train to Eatsville

It's rare to find good grub which gives you the feeling of sunshine on your back, but at Cafe Jamaica in Harbour Street, Ramsgate it happens with each and every bite - even when it's raining outside.
Small but perfectly formed it offers a menu from Patties to Curried Goat with everything in between. Surprisingly Paul the owner is skinny, but essentially so, otherwise he wouldn't fit behind the counter. He's makes a wicked coffee, but aside from those highly fashionable beans he sells more vitally West Indian drinks such as D&G's "Ting" and "Jamaican Ginger Beer".
There's also shelves of bottled sauces and other ingrediants to take away and have a bash at making your own, which will have you coming back for more food because you'll not match his cooking.
The only vaguely negative thing I can point to is his occasional lapse towards playing ravey music, when he has a fine collection of classic ska tunes available.


Anonymous Nina and Steffen said...

In October last year me and my boyfriend came to Ramsgate because we worked in the Jobcentre for half a year. Unfortunately we discovered the Cafe Jamaica much too late! The Cafe has not only a nice and familiar atmosphere, it also has the best hot chocolate in Ramsgate and very delicious jamaican food! Paul also has always time for a little chat. Whenever we visited the Cafe Jamica we enjoyed the time we spent there! We recommend warmly the Cafe Jamaica to everybody who likes jamaican food and a nice little chat!

9:01 PM  

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