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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

If it Aitchs scratch it.

There's a ability, akin to X-ray vision, unique to folk who grow up in seaside towns. It comes from crafty ciggies behind ghost trains, watching giant illuminated ice-creams being removed for the winter and a willingness to collude with the bright lights and plastic palm trees which daytrippers find so delightfully entertaining. It's like living in the wings of an enormous theatre.
One such bright soul and Margate's greatest living writer is Iain Aitch author of "A Fete Worse Than Death". A collection of tales from an English summer from the odder side of the tracks, shin-kicking competitions, world war two re-enactors, crop circles, etc. A lesser pen would only scratch the surface of such activities unable to get beyond the apathetic cliches which city folk enjoy so much. Aitch peeks only briefly at those, preferring to sneak behind the scenes to discover what's really there and more importantly why.
To read his work is like a brisk walk across flat fields, or even a downhill gallop. Making something so easy to read is deceptively difficult and the sign of a dedicated wordsmith. Luckily for us, the readers, his published work isn't limited to a single volume. He writes regularly for the Guardian and the Telegraph, as well as the occasional piece for the London Evening Standard, Independent on Sunday and Bizarre magazine.
Most recently he was commissioned to write a piece about the Turner Centre, or rather the lack of it. Sadly it was spiked due to a change of arts editor at the Guardian, but luckily for us it's available on his website. Click here to read it.


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only one 's' in occasionally

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here is an idea for a margate attraction

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