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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Good Grub Ahoy

The Captain Digby overlooking Kingsgate Bay was originally built as a folly by Lord Holland on his estate circa 1765. It was named after one of the lord's chums, Captain Robert Digby, and deliberately built to look like a ruin. By the early 19th century it had become a tavern with a grand reputation for taking great care of it's customers.
One hundred years later it's been greatly expanded, including a bright playground, a larger dining area and a modern kitchen. If a visitor from 1809 was to magically reappear outside they'd still recognise the flint building, more delightfully they'd also recognise the grand reputation. Service is swift and friendly, the menu simple but broad enough for everyone to find something they're bound to enjoy.
To say menu in the singular is wrong though, there's one for adults, one for children, plus one for vegetarians. Each is bursting with variety, so there's no lazily dull meals without the meat for the veggies, or just smaller portions for the sprogs. It's all part of their well practised hospitality, making every diner feel a little special, and every dinner a feast.


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