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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Festivals Ain't What They Used to Be.

Publicity is the lifeblood of most events so imagine my surprise to only see a single postcard sized piece of it for something entitled "Thanet Urban Art Festival" which runs for three days the last being tomorrow. If the attendance was anything to go by no one else had heard of it either, verging as it did on one organiser per visitor.
I took the Slug* along, thinking he might be enthusiastic in the way only nine-year-olds can manage, but he remained underwhelmed by the whole thing. The oddest part remains the lack of publicity, no flyers were being handed out, the welcome was non-existent, the wheels of steel remained silent and the folk running it seemed quite happy to stand around in the sun chatting amongst themselves. The painted bus looked pretty though.
*Nickname for my son.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am a ex thanet resident and miss it dearly, i am an artist who just makes ends meet, but i started on the streets of margate and spent a few nights free of charge in margates fine guest house next the the brit pub, its nice to see a street art festival in margate, but im sure like most street art festivals it was crap and usless. as a taster to get across the culture/world in which we exist. while showing that graff is a legitimate artform, it does nothing to change the atitudes of the council towards my art as a type of vadalism. my own art is stencils not thoes eyes sore tags that the council is so annoyed about. but my art is scrubed and removed like everyone elses.

I cant wait for the turner center to be built. it will be hit by myself forsure. perhaps a huge stencil of loads of £20 notes going up in flames.

6:29 PM  

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