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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Electrics Defy Fixing

The title may be what EDF stands for. EDF have the ultimate responsibility for fixing broken lights across the Island and they take their duties so seriously as to take as long as possible before doing a thing, even when they're in prominent positions.
The light on the Cottage pub in the lower High Street is one such instance. It last worked in early December, and was reported within days with the hope of a fix for the dark nights of Christmas shopping. It was reported again in January, February, March but not in April because it became self evident that the cost of phone calls is greater than the expense incurred towards repair.
Dreadfully Nimby to mention it of course, but if nothing happens after no small charge to Islanders for services including maintaining lights many will see it as an illumination of how things don't work around here. Despite being dark it's a beacon of uselessness for all to view, and one which extends beyond the mere repair of a single bulb. It becomes a metaphor for greater concerns because if an authority can't fix a single lamp within five months why would you trust them with millions for regeneration?


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