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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Drink Glorious Drink

The writers of the old Sinatra tune "Love & Marriage" originally wanted to include artists and alcohol rather than horse and carriage but had to drop it as non-rhyming despite it being so acutely accurate. This hasn't worried artists though and not just because they've had too many pints to be bothered.
If you've ever been to an opening you'll know there's always a healthy selection of beverage available, typically wines with juice for the awkward. Openings would be followed by a few hours in a local pub just to round the night off.
Locally one gallery has gone on to develop this theme to new dizzy heights. Gallery IOTA in Ramsgate started by getting a barrel in from the Belgium brewery down by the Harbour. This quickly progressed to having special editions of bottled beer named after each particular show, a bottle would be cracked open and poured into a glass for you as you arrived.
This Friday and Saturday (14th & 15th April) it gets even better with the show "Under the Influence", sure there's the usual pile of good art from great artists but it runs alongside Thanet's first CAMRA Beer Festival and about time too.
Eager buyers are already calculating how many pints of "Woosters New Peculiar" it might take to get the price they want on any given piece, and just how tall, broad and deep the hangovers of the curators will be on the second day. See you there.


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