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Friday, April 14, 2006

Barrels of Fun

The first day of IOTA's heady combination of artshow and CAMRA beer festival was absolutely packed with a long line of eager participants waiting to gain entry.
I've not seen the place this busy since the sunny polaroid days of the seventies. Hence it's most evident as IOTA's most successful event ever, with most of the crowd not seen there before for any of the previous art events.
It's hard to tell why this might be, on one foot the shows they've put on have always been superb but on the other elbow none of those shows have been promoted as much as this one.
Can't help but wonder if this might be the start of a new direction for Philip "Berty" Oldfield, who having bravely struggled to keep IOTA open as a gallery might consider putting that to one side and converting it into a pub.
If you weren't there today don't panic as there's a second and final day tomorrow which will be open until every drop of beer has been drunk.


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