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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Art on the Rails

If you've ever tried pastels you'll know how nasty to use they can be. They become sticky and secrete their essence over hands and clothes perfectly while simultaneously coagulating as a smudged mass upon the surface aimed at.
This explains why Daniel Morris is a singularly irritating artist- not only does he use them without trouble he produces great work as the image of Margate Harbour above shows. Being a worthy artist isn't enough for him though, he runs the bargain based Kent Canvas and consults for the NCH charity on all things arty.
Like most good locals he wants to spend some of this summer out on the prom of a bay, and so is organising a railing show of art at Minnis Bay and is seeking interested artists.
Any interested artists should contact him for details and a chat via .


Anonymous daniel morris said...

You are so right. Daniel is irritating isnt he!

Great write up.

11:00 PM  

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